Artist Profile


Creating their style from a fusion of drum and bass, rock, electronica and hip hop, UKID are an energetic, cutting-edge four-piece with powerful tunes and lyrics that bite back! From the infectious melodies of ‘Crooks’, ‘Good Looks’ and ‘Fall In Line’ to the darker, more hard-hitting ‘Drugs’, ‘Inspector’ and ‘Fallen’, the UKID song sheet is loud and raw—like the band’s live performance! Speaking of which … UKID now have 70+ gigs under their belt, having played many venues up and down the country, from Bristol, Bath and Glastonbury in the South West to Reading, Staines and Woking in the South East and even up as far as Birmingham, Stoke, Stafford and Walsall in the Midlands. They have also played several London venues, including Camden’s Dublin Castle and Hoxton’s Mother Live. For the past 2 years UKID have been working hard rehearsing, recording, developing their unique sound and honing their live performance. Having recently left University they are now determined to turn all their hard work into a long and successful career. Their new EP ‘Crooks’ was released September 2012.
Glastonbury, England
2011 - 2011