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    exit sanity is a melodic hard rock band from omaha ne. The self-titled release is due out in May followed by the enter chaos tour 03
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Omaha Nebraska | 2003 - 2004
  • Exodus >>
    Opened for Metallica, iron maiden, deep purple
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New York City New York | 2004 - 2005
  • F.L.Y. >>
    The new c.d. from F.L.Y. is now available online at www.flykicksass.com The sound is heavy but melodic. Influences range from Linkin Park to The Cult with gothic overtones. If you are into hard rock, heavy metal, gothic or any variables within........
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Charlotte North Carolina | 2002 - 2003
  • F.N.A. >>
    In a music environment that is full of bands that mimic each other FNA breeds a fresh new departure in what is often lacking today, 'originality'. Hailing from the town of Newmarket and the GTA, FNA brings with them a truly flexible sound to the music ind
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Toronto Ontario | 2005 - 2006
  • F.U. >>
    Do ya like high-energy, in-your-face rock? Well F.U. is your band. All the band cares about is giving the crowd a kick-ass show.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Raleigh North Carolina | 2008 - 2009
  • Face of a Hero >>
    We perform for massive youth events within the state of Georgia. We are a christian rock group whose mission is to spread the gospel through what todays youth enjoy....and thats MUSIC!!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Columbus Georgia | 2003 - 2004
  • fadproof >>
    If you've ever voted Democratic, lost, and wondered, Is there more to life than this? we're the band for you. If you feel pissed off and optimistic at the same time, and if you're extremely intellegent, we're the band for you.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Mt. Prospect Illinois | 2005 - 2006
  • Faith In Exile >>
    We are currently recording our debut self-titled EP. The release will have the trademark throwback vocals, blistering guitar work, and solid and innovative rhythm section that seperates Faith In Exile from other area bands. Stay tuned.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Pottsville Pennsylvania | 2005 - 2006
  • fallen >>
    With the release of their latest demo FALLEN has been all the buzz in the Arkansas hard rock scene booking shows with national acts such as Poison, Vince Neil, and Socialburn, while also receiving national recognition themselves. Using independent music w
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Fayetteville Arkansas | 2004 - 2005
  • Falling Red >>
    Our buggest gig to-date would have to be supporting The Ga*Ga's* at the brickyard, carlisle. We have played further afield and to more people, but to support a chart band was something special! We released our debut album in march 05 which is availabl
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Carlisle England | 2005 - 2006
  • Fated >>
    We Are Fated. Our sound blends female vocals with hard but smooth riffs to get a real nice mix. Our debut CD comes out in February 2001. If you'd like to visit us or contact us go to: WWW.INYOURMIND.ORG
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Wheaton Illinois | 2000 - 2001
  • FEAR 44 >>
    2 guys and 2 girls = Fear 44. Original hard rock/metal in Baltimore. We just won and headlined their first show at Thunderdome hosting a Battle of the Bands. Fear 44 won and is now in the semi-finals. We are now set to play the Fells Point Festival in
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Baltimore Maryland | 2003 - 2004
  • Feed >>
    Whom it may concern: I would like to introduce you to a rockin and upcoming band. Feed is a four peice band from Modesto CA. and the talk of the central valley area, who will rock you with their original sound & style, that stem from the influence of
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Modesto California | 2000 - 2001
  • FEEL >>
    Hard rock band in the vein of Metallica, Motley Crue, etc...
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Columbia Ohio | 2000 - 2001
  • Feeldriver >>
    We play quite often in the NYC area, no matter how big or small. We are currently involved in recording our second release, which is due out sometime early 2004.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Brooklyn New York | 2003 - 2004
  • Feeling of Hate >>
    With influences from Skynyrd, Metallica, Guns and Roses, Pantera, and Alice in Chains, Feeling of Hate is a four piece band based in Encinitas, California.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Encinitas California | 2007 - 2008
  • Fenix >>
    Victoria's premiere classic rock band
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Victoria Texas | 2006 - 2007
  • Final Cut >>
    Final Cut are a powerful three piece heavy rock/metal outfit from Orlando Florida, these guys are tighter than ten toes in a sock! If music like Black Sabbath and such is your thing, then don't pass up Final Cut, they really lay it down.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Orlando Florida | 2004 - 2005
  • FiRESiGN >>
    FiRESiGN is an indie band based in New York's East Village. The heart of FiRESiGN is its vocalist, Aya, the hard-rock hellion from Hiroshima, what makes it beat is its bassist, the heavy metal headbanger from Hokkaido, Masaki Yamada. Although, initiall
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New York New York | 2006 - 2008
  • FixxeR >>
    Pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Guildford England | 2000 - 2001
  • FLEDfive >>
    Our sound is a blend of crunchy guitar riffing, thoughtful lyrics and strong melodies in the vein of Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack and Staind.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Grand Rapids Michigan | 2004 - 2005
  • Flune >>
    We're new to the local scene, but have rocked out in places from small garage venues to the high-society Hilton Garden hotel for the Mayor's Inauguaral Ball.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania | 2004 - 2005
  • Flying66 >>
    Flying66 just released thier new 5 song demo, which features classic Flying 66 songs such as M.O.M., Bastards, and more of your favorites. Currently Flying 66 is giging all over the New York metro Area. Come Get Some!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New York City New York | 2003 - 2004
  • freakslave >>
    we have done several gigs around our area we, have put out a 3 song demo, we are working on an full length cd, we have been on our local radio station several times, we had been ask to be featured in a rock newsletter .
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Union City Tennessee | 2003 - 2004
  • Friction >>
    Friction is a four pice hard rock band with a very melodic and complex style. Friction has played many local gigs from Murfreesboro to nashville as well as the Buzzfest II concert at Amsouth Ampitheater with bands such as Sevendust, Nickleback, and Three
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Nashville Tennessee | 2004 - 2005
  • From the Fall >>
    From the Fall is an organic, down-to-earth mixture of power and soul. If the energy of our music and lyrics manages to make some small but positive impact on just one person in this big, bad world then we have achieved a small miracle.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Woodinville Washington | 2003 - 2004
  • FUSE X >>
    In the spring of 2001 the band will record it's first cd for production. The band is dedicated to its music, which is a mix of heavy rhythms and insightful lyrics culminating in a truly unique sound
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Jackson Mississippi | 2001 - 2002
  • GETanimal >>
    The biggest gig so far that I can remember is 50,000 people in Bilboa Spain.This was our last tour with DIO which we just finished. We have 2 CD's the first is called GETanimal and the second is GETanimal#2 why not name them after us?
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New York City New York | 2000 - 2001
  • Gift Wrapped Fist >>
    having violated there island of jersey these groove metalers will pound your ears with metal that has been missing.. there debut album will be released early november through scrotum crusher records
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Burton on Trent England | 2005 - 2006
  • GIRL >>
    GIRL has opened for and shared the stage with ex-Runaway Sandy West, Smashmouth, Village People, Pansy Division, Tribe 8, Sugarbomb, Zac Malloy, Bangs, Evil Beaver, and soon, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company in addition to headlining their own shows from Lou
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Dallas Texas | 2003 - 2004
  • Good Tymes Rock'n Roll Band >>
    The Good Tymes band has been together for over 5 years and plays a variety of classic rock, fun rock, and blues. We figure if it isn
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Highland Michigan | 2005 - 2006
  • Grace In Failure >>
    We just finished recording our first EP in December of 2002. It contains six original tunes of heavy/melodic rock. The band's unique sound reveals the influences of Seattle's Grunge and the Southern Metal of New Orleans. The goal has been to create mus
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Moultrie Georgia | 2003 - 2004
  • Graffix420 >>
    Currently Our biggest annual gig is Hempstock in Starks ME. G420 plays there every year.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Buffalo New York | 2000 - 2001
  • green flem & the nasty maggots >>
    we've been featured several times on Dr Demento's Syndicated show.Our song Transvestite Tears has become an unofficial anthem of crossdressers globally.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Enfield Connecticut | 2004 - 2005
    Coming from the south of england, bringing down-tuned guitars, ethereal keys, tight drumming, fat bass and choice lyrics GREENHORNE hope to bring something different to the tyring guitar driven music of today
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Gillingham, Dorset England | 2003 - 2004
  • GreggCex >>
    welcome you do you Want your own throat blow job my nickname (Zlata16) http://tourspaine.ru/?u=4cl82kk&o=8t4kazw&t= - <> erikaparty.top/?u=4cl82kk&o=8t4kazw&t= http://tourspaine.ru/?u=4cl82kk&o=8t4kazw&t= - http://img-host.org.ua/thumbs/582c39a8cc96b.jpg
    Genre Hard RockvHeavy Metal | Location Porsgrunn Norway | 1939 - 1918
  • Gridlock >>
    Our biggest gig to date is at The Norwich Arts Centre where we played a festival with several other bands. We've also had airplay on a local radio station too. Our new cd is quite possibly the canines testicles as it took a lot of bloody hard work! Our mu
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Norwich England | 2003 - 2004
  • Groundklaw >>
    A young band from Lively, Canada, defiantly waving the flag for heavy, groove-based music in the age of wuss, pathetic, soulless music!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Lively Canada | 1999 - 2000
  • GRUDGE >>
    GRUDGE is the band, who still finds their way through the smoke and onto the stage. They have carried the flag for heavy music, alongside others, and have never abandoned their raw nature. GRUDGE, true to their music, and their emotion. Ignoring trends an
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Warwick New York | 2004 - 2005
  • guerrilla transmission >>
    new cd: america dead nation
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Washington DC Washington DC | 2004 - 2005
  • Gutterfly >>
    -Self titled debut CD released 01/2003 -Gutterfly has caught the attention of local sponsors. -Opened show for CKY, Atreyu, Momento in March 2003 Pittsburgh, PA, and opened for mudvayne in july of 2003. -Regularly featured on 105.9 The X: Pittsburgh X
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Pittsburgh Pennsylvania | 2003 - 2004
  • Gypsy >>
    Gypsy are a UK based rock band described as: An all out Live Rock experience! The bands current live set contains a great mix of new and exciting original material. The bands material is a combination of heavy rock guitars and melodic vocals with a powe
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Bradford England | 2006 - 2007
  • h*llyw**d >>
    Touring in Ireland with Thin Lizzy, Black Tide silver path EP is to be released to coincide with tour
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Wicklow Ireland | 2005 - 2006
  • H.A.N.D. >>
    H.A.N.D. has recently started geting alot of mainstream radio play, in a fue west coast cities.
    Genre Hard Rock | Oregon | 2003 - 2004
  • HaloSik >>
    HaloSik blends everything from rock and blues to punk and hip-hop with brilliant heavy metal guitar work and an aggressive religious/political themed delivery.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Ontario California | 2004 - 2005
    6 & 7 Annual Dreamland Rendezvous
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Manistique Michigan | 2004 - 2005
  • Haroldjep >>
    Genre Hard RockvHeavy Metal | Location Aarschot Belgium | 1937 - 1975
  • Hawgzilla >>
    Picture a 500lb man in a 100m dash at the Olympics. Running the race of his life as if it were his last. Thats total entertainment, that's Hawgzilla in short!!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Centerville Tennessee | 2005 - 2006
  • He Broke >>
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Winnipeg Manitoba | 2003 - 2004
    Heart and Stone is the next band who will undoubtedly shake things up like never before. The band proves that they can shred with the very best. Featuring the strong vocals and song writing abilities of Tony Anton, this album registers as a musical triump
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Woodbridge Ontario | 2003 - 2004
  • Hellbound Confederacy >>
    The band is currently back in the studio recording their full length debut C.D. And would like to thank everyone for their patience.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Chicago Illinois | 2005 - 2006
  • HerosFall >>
    HerosFall is a 5 peice hard rock band from Essex. Their music brings back catchy choruses and riffs from the 80's with a more moden edge to it. STADIUM ROCK IS BACK ! Check out Herosfall and you will blown away by the power vocal, awesome guitar work and
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Essex England | 2006 - 2007
  • Hollow >>
    We actually just got done with a contest called band-a-monium. It is a contest where 120 bands signed up. We were chosen from the 120 and narrowed down to 10. We were then narrowed down to the top 5, and then through a series of shows, to the top 2. W
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Quad Cities Illinois | 2003 - 2004
  • Honest Engine >>
    Combining hard rock and funk music to create a brain buzzing cocktail of sound.
    Genre Hard Rock | | 1999 - 2000
  • Honey Thick >>
    Slick Driving Psycho Funk Rock Guaranteed to Move Your Soul And Blow Your Mind...
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Keyport New Jersey | 2007 - 2008
  • Honeymoon Stytch >>
    Honeymoon Stytch debuted with two full-length cds - HoneymoonStytch and Insomnia. Currently touring in Southern California, Nevada & Arizona, HMS is on the road to realizing their goal of world recognition. The gritty, heavy, laid-back, melodic, crunchy
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Los Angeles/Lake Havasu City California | 2003 - 2004
  • Hopes For Tragedy >>
    Diversity in the world of CORE is what you get from Hopes For Tragedy. Four bug outs from NYC come together with differnet influences to bring you a new era of EMO-CORE. To date, HFT has played locally between Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan with
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Brooklyn New York | 2005 - 2006
  • Huntington Majors >>
    Maje played CBGB in NYC on July 18th. There are more gigs planned for the summer, including a free concert at the Central Park Bandshell.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New York City New York | 2005 - 2006
  • Hurt >>
    HURT 2004 is the result of 7 years of evolution, with style and line up changes. Loaded, featuring Chris Bird on guitar and Alex Bray on drums, evolved into Crank (later Fall Out) with Tom Groves joining on bass and sharing vocal duties with Chris. Wh
    Genre Hard Rock | England | 2004 - 2005
  • HURT >>
    Chances are, you can
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Washington DC Washington DC | 2003 - 2004
  • hyaline >>
    Hyaline combines the sounds of guttural guitars, spine-vibrating bass, and driving drum rhythms with the haunting tones of violin, wind instruments, and intense percussion. The blending gives the L.A. based band a signature sound that has been described
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Los Angeles California | 2006 - 2007
    HYDROZEEN hard rocking music about Death, Hell and Drugs from the pacific wonderland.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Portland Oregon | 2004 - 2005
  • I LOVE RICH >>
    The world's SEXXXIEST, most kick-ass rock and roll band!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Chicago Illinois | 2000 - 2001
  • I-Koma >>
    A bombs' just gone off and I-koma are at the forefront. Our biggest gig at the Isle of Wight went down a treat at the Motorcross world championship. We get played regularly on local radio and are described as the UK's best kept secret. Our demo is availab
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Brighton England | 2006 - 2007
  • I.F.A >>
    Here are the main points New demo 4 titles More than 50 gigs in Belgium and in France Metal band with 7 musicians Playing Nu Thrash Metal
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Namur Belgium | 2004 - 2005
  • Iconoclast >>
    Iconoclast is a hard rock/metal band from the Danville, Ky area. Diverse influences, and fresh approaches to the genre make their music excitingly fresh.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Danville Kentucky | 2003 - 2004
  • Idols are Higher >>
    Driven by burning desire and ambition, loud, fresh and relentless, brimming with energy and passion. From Newcastle, UK.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Newcastle England | 2005 - 2006
  • If Nothing... >>
    In less than a year, If Nothing has played the major music scene and built up a solid fan base in London, ON. Attendance for shows is rising as well as sales of their current demo.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location London Ontario | 2003 - 2004
  • Ignis >>
    Ignis will be releasing the debut CD in April! Check www.ignisband.com for more information!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Phoenix Arizona | 2001 - 2002
  • Ill at Ease >>
    We are a Hard Rock/Progressive band from Rochester, NY. We play around that area, sometimes playing in Syracuse, and any where else we really feel like. We're making a CD that will be released in about a month, so check us out!
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Rochester New York | 2000 - 2001
  • Imperil >>
    We Have A New EP Out Now. It Has 6 Songs On It. It Is Called Project X. The Songs Are Heavey With A Groove Style To Them.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Oklahoma City Oklahoma | 2003 - 2004
  • In Quest >>
    In Quest has introduses their debut album. A culmination of years of hard work and sweat.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Bay City Michigan | 2005 - 2006
  • Indorphine >>
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Orlando Florida | 2004 - 2005
    INFORMER currently has a 3-song EP out for public consumption called YOU. You can get the cd and some stickers by writing to VXF NOISE PRODUCTIONS PO Box 11355 Prescott, Arizona 86304 or by writing to djv6@cableone.net and requesti
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Prescott Arizona | 2002 - 2003
  • Inhabitense >>
    opened up for overkill ,shadows fall,Trouble,Lungbrush our new cd,Perfect Victim Society is out now available March 3rd you can buy from www.inhabitense.com we have beem on local radio and secondshifters.com webstation
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Aurora Illinois | 2004 - 2005
  • INK >>
    INK stormed the music scene with a sound that reasserted the guitar riff driven/bass and drum groove of Rock and Roll. The Power Trio's ability to re-ignite both the threat and promise of modern music has made favorites among critics and fans alike.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New Haven Connecticut | 2005 - 2006
  • Innerlock >>
    Members of Innerlock have been playing in bands together for over ten years.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Powell Wyoming | 2005 - 2006
  • Invisible Image >>
    With the power of God backing them, this band from Port Charlotte, Florida, believes that nothing can stand in their way.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Port Charlotte Florida | 2006 - 2007
  • Iron Cross >>
    Iron Cross has a self released Cd Deliverance' out with nine originals. A completely reformated web site will be online soon.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Columbus Ohio | 2001 - 2002
  • Iron Fist >>
    We're sort of a new band so our biggest gig would be at a battle of the bands with a couple hundred people and we won (100$ and 4 hours in a recording studio)
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Clinton Michigan | 2005 - 2006
  • Iron Rain >>
    IRON RAIN is a unique band creating music that has been described as
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Eureka California | 2002 - 2003
  • JAGWAG >>
    TRIDIS ONFORSIZE the seventh Album from JustAnotherGuyWithanAxetoGrind. Free your ears and your ass will follow.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Tamarac Florida | 2003 - 2004
  • Jason Burke >>
    Jason is a singer, songwriter, and musician focusing on progressive rock. His work includes recording artists spanning several styles from instrumentals to pop to metal. His first solo CD release is entitled Swimming.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Raleigh-Durham North Carolina | 2003 - 2004
    The long awaited full length release is finally here! Playground Kingpin features 10 original songs and a cover of Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing ! It was recorded over the last 6 months at Robert Lang Studios in north Seattle by Justin Arms
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Seattle Washington | 2004 - 2005
  • Jerusalems Mercy >>
    Jerusalems Mercy - Plays Christian based rock, acoustical and metal music. Based out of Largo, Fl this band is composed of three brothers who have all been in the local scene for over fifteen years.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Largo Florida | 2000 - 2001
  • jester >>
    largest gig a bikers festival in merseyside, demo played regaly on a romanian radio station, accoustic live set on manchester radio UK.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Southport England | 2002 - 2003
  • JIBE >>
    JIBE's new cd IN MY HEAD is the bottled version of live energy with driving metal and shreding vocal chords. no stranger to radio, JIBE is currently spinning in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, to name a few.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Dallas Texas | 2000 - 2001
  • JIM >>
    Somewhere between Elvis, Ozzy, and Puffy lies JIM...
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Lake Placid New York | 2000 - 2001
  • Jimmy on the Shortbus >>
    played with regional act collapsis from chapel hill n.c in elbiow room columbia s.c. Cd soon to be released in late april 2001
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Columbia South Carolina | 2001 - 2002
  • Jose' Diaz (LEGASYS) >>
    Solo artist doing it all.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Victoria Texas | 2006 - 2010
  • Judge Drain >>
    A central Jersey based rock band with a lead singer that will occasionally drop his pants for a couple of songs.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Central Jersey New Jersey | 1999 - 2000
  • Jug-Or-Not >>
    An all-original melodic hard rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. Jug-Or-Not has played Wefest and the Warp tour.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Jacksonville Florida | 1999 - 2000
  • JUICE >>
    JUICE is a hard Rock band that has been around.From sharing the stage with Motley Crue to developing singer JD Fortune. Juice also did the tribute record for the late Greg Moore and often plays at the various CART races. The replacement for JD Fortune is
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Toronto Ontario | 2006 - 2007
  • Just a Fling >>
    Just a Fling has had many gigs in Oslo lately. The biggest one at Lillestr
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Oslo Norway | 2003 - 2004
  • Just-Us >>
    Playing at local clubs occasionally getting gigs to open for other groups around the NY area
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Levittown New York | 2003 - 2004
  • Kagero >>
    NYC bi-cultural rock band.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location New York City New York | 1999 - 2000
  • kill the cat >>
    Kill The Cat hard rock band buy their new cd 7.95 listen to some tracks get a free autographed far to many gigs they are all great
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania | 2005 - 2006
  • Killer Angels >>
    About Killer Angels The story so far........KILLER ANGELS are a Scottish 4 piece formed in late 2003. Such was the strength and abundance of songs that the KILLER ANGELS had, Karam Leathy (singer), Tony Luke (guitarist), Del (Bass) and Ryan (Dreamboat)
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Dundee Scotland | 2005 - 2006
  • Killplanet >>
    Killplanet is a band. Are you? Music ranges from heavy noise rock to punk to rock. From New Hampshire.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Wilton New Hampshire | 2000 - 2001
  • KillTV >>
    KILLTV is an enegetic underground theatre rock band mixing political satire with social commentary.
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Los Angeles California | 2005 - 2006