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  • Concave >>
    Concave is a Thrash/Punk band from Olympia, Washington. Our Playing style conbines elements of punk and metal, much like grunge, but for a radicaly differnt sound. In short, we sound like concave. Concave is composed of 4 people: Matt Kime on
    Genre Punk | Location Olympia Washington | 2000 - 2001
  • Little Green Men >>
    Little Green Men is a hard-driving, electrifying, alternative, sometimes dark sounding rock band from Washington. Combining wailing guitars (almost Joe Satriani sounding at times), intoxicating drum rhythms, and Pam Webberley
    Genre Modern Rock | Location Olympia Washington | 2005 - 2006
  • The Galactic Kiss >>
    One of the most influential and cutting-edge bands of 2009, The Galactic Kiss was formed, like the world, out of stardust and nothingness, and now fills the space between vintage grunge, and modern shoegazer rock.
    Genre Alternative | Location Olympia Washington | 2009 - 2010