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  • AbSynthe >>
    AbSynthe brings a new age to performance arts in the form of occult goth-industrial-metal music. In just a few short months, AbSynthe has all ready begun quite a reputation as artists that push the limits both audio and visual. This has led the band to be
    Genre Industrial | Location Warwick Rhode Island | 2003 - 2004
  • Anal Kitties >>
    Anal Kitties is pleased to annouce the Anal Kitties Shoe Box Chronicalls.
    Genre Industrial | Location Los Angeles California | 2004 - 2005
  • Anwakh >>
    New CD Echoes - examples @ New free web release @ OUIM*NET LABEL -
    Genre Industrial | Location Varna Bulgaria | 2005 - 2006
  • Artifact >>
    Artifact's musical vision is to make songs that combines the punch of metal, the interesting soundscapes of industrial, the groove in rock, and the melodies from synthpop with the mysticality in goth. Our sound is guitar-driven with heavy use of sampli
    Genre Industrial | Location Stavanger Norway | 2004 - 2005
  • AUTOVON >>
    Autovon has been aired in several countries including the US, France & Germany. Their new release 'Conform' will be released early 2005. While focusing on N.E. US shows, plans are in the works for a more expanded live tour.
    Genre Industrial | Location Springfield Pennsylvania | 2004 - 2005
  • Barcode >>
    Industrial/Electronica band from Adelaide, Australia.
    Genre Industrial | Location Adelaide Australia | 2003 - 2004
  • bete noire >>
    An industrial/metal/gothic/hard electronica hybrid duo expands the frontiers of sonic aggression
    Genre Industrial | Location Krasnodar Russia | 2001 - 2002
  • Beyond Hope >>
    Industrial band that favors hard-hitting rhythms with melodic vocal lines.
    Genre Industrial | Location Dallas Texas | 2000 - 2001
  • Blue Velvet >>
    In Blue Velvet we find a union between electronic and industrial music that has been in circulation since 1999. The members of the group together from the fallout of other experiences and at a turning point in their lives.
    Genre Industrial | Location Turin Italy | 2008 - 2009
  • Brainclaw >>
    Brainclaw is about electronic music. It reflects the need to be awake, aware and alive. Brainclaw attempts to claw open the dormant brains of modern humans and encourage them to view the world in a different way. We are all asleep. We blindly purchase and
    Genre Industrial | Location Morrisville Pennsylvania | 2006 - 2007
  • Broken Halos >>
    Broken Halos is more than just a band. It's an idea, an institution, a platform for the expression of things not acceptible in gentle society. Anger, determination, sadness and disdain for the status quo are but some of the hallmarks of Broken Halos'
    Genre Industrial | Location Lexington/Cincinatti Ohio | 2001 - 2002
  • Caffeine Kill >>
    EP out soon - currently negotiating support gigs with Narcissus Pool and Cauda Pavonis.
    Genre Industrial | Location Bristol England | 2001 - 2002
  • Caplata >>
    Caplata is an 8 piece from the Iowa scene, a new group bound to turn heads with it's brutal, heavy, industrial edge. Caplata release full length CD Born in 2000.
    Genre Industrial | Location Mason City Iowa | 2000 - 2001
  • Chemical Christ >>
    Elekto-Industrial Beats With Dark Agressive Synth Lines, Deep Lyrics Full Of Decay And Dispair. The 3rd CD Is Due Out Around Mid 2001, Followed By A Highly Anticipated Tour Of Club Dates This Summer. #1 Band On
    Genre Industrial | Location Pittsburgh Pennsylvania | 2001 - 2002
  • ComeBlood >>
    Industrial progressive metal band from Illinois.
    Genre Industrial | Location Rockford Illinois | 2008 - 2009
  • Concept 7 >>
    Concept 7: Hard hitting Industrial/Techno pushing the limits of intensity to new angles. Concept 7 leave no room for compromise! If you like Industrial/Guitar/Techno crossover, then try this for size.
    Genre Industrial | Location London England | 2000 - 2001
  • contagion >>
    Nearly eight years dormant from the alternative dance scene, industrialists CONTAGION (formerly BIOHAZARD PCB) have emerged with a vengeance through their latest CD, INFECTANT. As a diverse follow-up to their 1992 release CONTAMINANT PCB (Capitol Records
    Genre Industrial | Location Los Angeles California | 2000 - 2001
  • Coriolis >>
    With a haunting combination of metal, industrial and techno, Jonathan Stamets and Coriolis are earning great fan support in Tyler Hill, Pennsylvania.
    Genre Industrial | Location Tyler Hill Pennsylvania | 2005 - 2006
  • CyberTrybe >>
    CyberTrybe began in 1994 as a techno studio project under the name Industrial Chaos, but quickly transformed into a full-fledged band with the current name. By 1998, they had already received three Detroit Music Awards, and were nominated every year fro
    Genre Industrial | Location Metro Detroit Area Michigan | 1999 - 2008
  • Danger >>
    Industrial rock band from Romania, with three videos that have been shown on MTV.
    Genre Industrial | Romania | 2006 - 2007
  • DAX >>
    Named by Music Connection Magazine as one of the Top 100 unsigned artists, DAX represents the face of a burgeoning electronic music scene in Austin. The combination of industrial sounds and deeply soulful lyrics make a perfect match for Gene Loves Jezebe
    Genre Industrial | Location Austin Texas | 2005 - 2006
  • Death And Horror Inc >>
    Transmissions from chemical land
    Genre Industrial | Location Toronto Ontario | 1999 - 2000
  • Deviant >>
    There is never a break, mistake, or a missed note. Perfection is the word and music of this nature grows inside itself, and it will grow on you with each spin. From Denver, Colorado.
    Genre Industrial | Location Denver Colorado | 2005 - 2006
  • Die Symphony >>
    Die Symphony has been described as Tool meets Nine Inch Nails with their unique blend of Industrial-Edged Rock. The band has been featured in both Billboard and R&R, and has performed along side Orgy, the Misfits, Lit, Econoline Crush, Gwar, Red Hot Chili
    Genre Industrial | Location St. Louis Missouri | 2000 - 2001
  • Edges of Seven >>
    Edges of Seven has just completed a new 4 song Demo CD entitled Synergetic. The previous release, 3 of 7 , garnered regular airplay on XFM's Canadian Xposure , as well as an on air interview with vocalist/programmer Robert Takacs.
    Genre Industrial | Location Vancouver British Columbia | 2002 - 2003
  • Eftos >>
    Killercore anti-music without rules, from Miltenberg, Germany.
    Genre Industrial | Location Miltenberg Germany | 2006 - 2007
  • Empty >>
    Based in Sydney, Australia, Empty began in 2005 and define themselves as an Electronic-Industrial outfit, which has evolved into a style that draws upon the diverse sounds of Dark-Electro and a unique, melodic collaboration of Pop and Industrial.
    Genre Industrial | Location Sydney Australia | 2007 - 2009
  • Engine Ears >>
    Industrial rock from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    Genre Industrial | Location Ann Arbor Michigan | 2000 - 2001
  • Flat Atom >>
    Socio-political awareness
    Genre Industrial | Location Madison Wisconsin | 2003 - 2004
  • futureBLU >>
    As Jim is putting the final layers on his second album, Suiastera, he is also moving the new live show from vision to reality.
    Genre Industrial | Location Newport Beach California | 2004 - 2005
  • Girls Under Glass >>
    Standing fairly firmly in the electro-industrial genre this Hamburg, Germany based band is considered one of the leading innovators in the electro/metal/industrial and wavescene.
    Genre Industrial | Location Hamburg Germany | 1999 - 2000
  • glitter >>
    We've released two full length 60 minute+ cd's under our current label, the Invin Kor Artistic Alliance, based in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. We are currently playing shows, and are doing better than ever. Check us out and tell your friends!
    Genre Industrial | Location Penticton Canada | 2001 - 2002
  • Groove Conductor >>
    With an addiction-like craving for driving rock n' roll and an impulsive need to cut loose on the dance floor, we posed the question... Can we create intelligent and heavy, electrosex music for the masses? Funky, raw, powerful, sexy, groovy, and evil...
    Genre Industrial | Location Youngstown Ohio | 2007 - 2008
  • Hearing Test >>
    Still looking for the latest member!
    Genre Industrial | Location Birmingham Alabama | 2006 - 2007
  • lemur >>
    The idea of lemur started in the most unlikely of places, the monochromatic, abstract art of Brian Hart. In this medium, Brian attempted to express raw emotion within his work. What resulted was a surrealistic mess of black paint upon bare white canvas.
    Genre Industrial | Location Portland Maine | 2003 - 2004
  • Little Match Girl >>
    Genre Industrial | Location Leeds England | 2003 - 2004
  • logan 5 >>
    old style electronic industrial often compared to front 242 and nitzer ebb. cheap cds and records and for a limited time, a free sampler cassette.
    Genre Industrial | Location Madison Wisconsin | 2003 - 2004
  • Martyr Complex >>
    Cyberindustrial rock from Tampa, Florida.
    Genre Industrial | Location Tampa Florida | 1999 - 2000
  • NeginaX >>
    Album Into the 7th Gothical Aurora can be describe as a must to industrial metal's listeners to experiment.This album consists of songs that sounds melodic with a little bit grunge vocals and combine with newly trend of music.One of the best songs in th
    Genre Industrial | Location Klang Malaysia | 2003 - 2004
  • New Project >>
    Ultraviolet Light, our debut album is in production in the UK and US. Our music is a hybrid between hard hitting metal and twisted industrial.... not the usual industrial metal... something only visible under Ultraviolet Light.
    Genre Industrial | Location London England | 2004 - 2005
  • oleron1 >>
    Currently this is an experiment to see what kind of response I get.
    Genre Industrial | Location Oceanside California | 2002 - 2003
  • One True Sakred >>
    Oone True Sakred is an Industrial music band from France.
    Genre Industrial | Location Saint Cloud France | 2008 - 2009
  • Plastic Noise Experience >>
    Neural Transmission
    Genre Industrial | Location Hamburg Germany | 1999 - 2000
  • Product >>
    Heavy music has hit the mainstream and has been watered down. Many popular acts have abandoned their roots in exchange for the eternal green. Product is a reactionary industrial rapcore band that that fuses the sounds of hip-hop with hardcore. Product dev
    Genre Industrial | Location Kansas City Missouri | 2003 - 2004
  • Safe / Mode >>
    Safe/Mode is electronic music that combines elements common amongst industrial, ambient, cinematic scores, and whatever else we happen to feel like at the time.
    Genre Industrial | Location Fort Walton Beach Florida | 2000 - 2001
  • Scary Valentine >>
    A full online press kit is available at
    Genre Industrial | Location Denver Colorado | 2000 - 2001
  • shemale ZERO >>
    Transgenred Industrial Core
    Genre Industrial | Location Sofia Bulgaria | 2005 - 2006
  • Sielwolf >>
    Genre Industrial | Location Frankfurt Germany | 1999 - 2000
  • SLACK >>
    Genre Industrial | Location Newbrunswick New Jersey | 2003 - 2004
  • Sodom >>
    Genre Industrial | Location Caracas Venezuela | 2005 - 2006
  • Synaptic Reflex >>
    We currently put out a self released free demo titled Demo01 available at our website
    Genre Industrial | Location Middletown New York | 2000 - 2001
  • Synthetic 13 >>
    Synthetic 13 is a machine made by digital chaos.Diverse,with elements of Industrial/Metal,Goth,Electronic,etc. make Synthetic 13 a drug for the open mind.So open up your eyes and mind to the virtue of S-13.
    Genre Industrial | Location Lexington North Carolina | 2004 - 2005
  • Testify >>
    Relentlessly harsh and ever aggressive, the reigning masters of the dark, guitar-driven industrial niche.
    Genre Industrial | Location Essen Germany | 1999 - 2000
  • The Cancer Project >>
    Formed in Early 2003, TCP have spent the last year and a half working on material, and began playing live regularly in July when they entered the Showcase Tournament, in which they reached the Semi Finals. Since then they have been asked back regularly at
    Genre Industrial | Location Fareham/Gosport, Hampshire UK England | 2004 - 2005
  • The Eighth Circle >>
    The 8th Circle has been played on 92.3 Kroq in New York, 102.5 in Texas, and 104 in Mexico. Debut Album The Beautiful Stain is due out in early 2001. In talks with Roadrunner Records and Lava Atlantic Records, as well as numerous indie labels. This
    Genre Industrial | Location Ramsey New Jersey | 2000 - 2001
  • The Fair Sex >>
    TFS combines the best of hard electronic dance music with well placed guitar staccatos.
    Genre Industrial | Location Essen Germany | 1999 - 2000
  • the holocaust humanity >>
    the holocaust humanity is an industrial oriented electronic experiment. synths-samplerss-computers-chaos
    Genre Industrial | Location Dallas/Fort Worth Texas | 2002 - 2003
  • The Sepia >>
    The Sepia will release a twelve track album 'One' in early December 2000. More details can be found on the website:
    Genre Industrial | Location London England | 2000 - 2001
  • The synthetic dream foundation >>
    Dark industrial music, electronica, techno, dark experimental classical
    Genre Industrial | Location Tampa Florida | 2004 - 2005
  • Triggerpimp >>
    Recently headlined H.O.B. Los Angeles to a capacity crowd. Guest band on select west coast dates for the Genitortures Tour, and after to headline The Key Club in mid April. It's all good!
    Genre Industrial | Location Los Angeles California | 2000 - 2001
  • TripToy >>
    In hopes to discover a new design of electronic music, TripToy experiments with Industrial, Techno, EBM as well as other forms of digital music.
    Genre Industrial | Location Tampa/Brandon Florida | 2004 - 2005
  • Unk! >>
    Unk! does not release CD's. We distribute our music for free by putting virtual CD's on our website. The main aim of our free music is to generate enough interest that way get live gigs.
    Genre Industrial | Location Tienen Belgium | 2005 - 2006
  • Uranium 235 >>
    Uranium 235 mixes powerful, heavy guitars with hard-hitting techno beats and dancy electronics. Vocals range from gorgeous singing to a raging scream, with passionate and intelligent lyrics.
    Genre Industrial | Location New York City New York | 2000 - 2001
  • Vade >>
    Industrial rock music based out of Los Angeles. Vade takes the best of all worlds, strong melodies, ambience, and a wall of low-end, as well as the use of two drummers to create inescapable grooves.
    Genre Industrial | Location Los Angeles California | 2000 - 2001
  • Wamphyri >>
    In an era where your average club performance is about as exciting as having a root canal done on you, along comes WAMPHYRI and their traveling multi-media Freakshow ! This is the shit, people ! This is Hollywood Mother-Fucking North, and unless you
    Genre Industrial | Location Hamilton Ontario | 2000 - 2001
  • Wilma Sinister >>
    Making music that's a combination of glam rock, screamo, electronica, and industial.
    Genre Industrial | Location Bantega Netherlands | 2008 - 2009
  • Winter Of Clowns >>
    Winter Of Clowns are a new band from southampton. theyve been behind the scenes for just over a year now and theyre now giging their authentic new material out in all the big clubs in the uk. their sound is mindblowing. with new ideas such as their two d
    Genre Industrial | Location Southampton England | 2004 - 2005
  • zenkil >>
    Musically zenkil does not fit into any one genre very well. The genres that summ them up though are Industrial, Rock-a-billy, goth, disco, statikdisko, alternative.
    Genre Industrial | Location Birmingham Alabama | 2000 - 2001