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  • AlbertVal >>
    Genre Industrial | Location New York City Denmark | 1942 - 1913
  • Attila Kovacs >>
    Attila Kovacs, musician - songwriter *** Original Pop-Rock Songs from a Hungarian-Danish-American musical heart*** 6 CDs released so far: Goal (pop-rock) Ufo Lady
    Genre Pop | Location Holstebro Denmark | 2001 - 2008
  • CheSkymn >>
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    Genre Glam | Location Colonel Hill Denmark | 1959 - 2002
  • Dinojax >>
    Dinojax have really done something that very few accomplish, they hit you straight in the heart. There is nothing negative to say about this band... - LineOut ...sparkles so much from talent that it takes really dark shades not to catch the glimpse
    Genre Rock | Location Odense Denmark | 2002 - 2003
  • Epicenter >>
    Energetic rock
    Genre Hard Rock | Location Kolding Denmark | 2005 - 2008
  • JamesCer >>
    Genre Guitar Rock | Location Ga District Denmark | 1912 - 1989
  • KennethCrott >>
    Genre Rock-a-billy | Location Skive Denmark | 1913 - 1928
  • Madison Flynt >>
    With background in many genres of music such as Rock, Metal, funk Hiphop etc. we have a very varied scandinavian/european/american sound. Tjeck the music at
    Genre Modern Rock | Location Kolding and Copenhagen Denmark | 2005 - 2006
  • maraug3 >>
    Genre Dance | Location Sherbrooke Denmark | 1944 - 2000
  • NellieSex >>
    Genre Emo | Location Utrecht Denmark | 1973 - 1936
  • Robertkek >>
    Genre Hard RockvHeavy Metal | Location Baghdad Denmark | 2007 - 1941
  • Ronaldvef >>
    Genre Guitar Rock | Location Sishen Denmark | 1932 - 1996
  • Slo Down >>
    Our biggest gig is, as always, yet to come...
    Genre Soft Rock | Location Arrhus Denmark | 2003 - 2004
  • Terji Messell >>
    Released my first solo album Uninhibited - Muisc By Messell april 2002 on the independent Faroese label Tutl. And in october 2002 the single Here I Am #3 on the Danish independent label SUFmusic.
    Genre Modern Rock | Location Nibe Denmark | 2002 - 2003