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What’s a major label band?
There are currently four major record labels – Sony, EMI/Warner Music Group, BMG, and Universal Music Group. Any band signed to one of those companies or one of their subsidiaries is considered a major label band.
What’s an ‘Indie’ band?
Indie or independent artists create music without the benefits or limitations of a major record label deal. Some are signed to ‘Indie record labels’, and others self-produce their CDs.
What’s does ‘unsigned’ mean?
Unsigned refers to any artist or band that hasn’t signed a deal with a record label. Generally bands that refer to themselves as unsigned are actively looking for a big record company to sign them. Indie artists tend to be more interested in retaining control over their careers and music and/or are already signed to an indie record label.
What’s an Indie Record Label?
There are thousands of indie record labels, ranging from vanity labels belonging to an individual band to extremely successful labels working with lots of bands.

RBL Band Listings

How do I get my band in ROCKBANDLOUNGE.COM?
If you are a band member, a manager, or an agent you may submit a band to our database, and it will appear in our Genre and Local listings. Please see the artists and labels section of the ROCKBANDLOUNGE.COM.
How do I get a photo beside my band listing?
We have Gravatars enabled – so if you have a Gravitar associated with the email address you use on ROCKBANDLOUNGE.COM, then your avatar will appear beside your listing.
How do I get a Gravatar?
It’s easy! Sign up at
Can I upload a photo here, instead of using a Gravatar?
Sorry, but not at this time.
What if my Gravatar that I use on other sites, isn’t the photo I want to use here?
It’s possible to upload multiple images to your account at, and then associate them with different email addresses that you use. So if you want to use a different gravatar here, just plan on using a different email address for this site. To do that, login to and add a new email address, then upload a new photo, and associate it with your new email address. Then come back here to ROCKBANDLOUNGE.COM and login to your profile and update your email address.
My new Gravatar isn’t showing yet, why not?
There may be a delay before your new gravatar starts to show. caches your gravatar, in order to speed up the serving process. So your new gravatar will take effect after the old one expires from the cache, which could take a little time. If you need more information, please see
What if my Gravatar that I use on other sites, isn’t the photo I want to use here, and I don’t have another email address?
Here’s a helpful hint if you use Gmail – you can add a dot anywhere in your Gmail email address, and Gmail will ignore the dot, and deliver the mail to you. For example, if your Gmail email is, you can use or or – all three are viable versions of the same Gmail address.

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